Welcome to Sunset Bay on Norris Lake!

Nestled at the tip of the Sharps Ridge Peninsula is a place where rolling meadows are kissed by crystal clear turquoise waters. It is a setting where serenity meets community beneath a backdrop of soaring mountains.

This is Sunset Bay and only a few are so fortunate to call it home.  A gated, covenant governed, waterfront community, Sunset Bay offers the best of both worlds. Perched directly across from the Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area, Sunset Bay includes waterfront homesites characterized by gently rolling landscapes as well as more wooded lots at higher elevations.

Both variations provide home owners with spectacular views and pastoral settings.Residence in the community includes access to a state of the art clubhouse, tennis courts, full exercise facility, in-ground pool and marina. For anyone looking to settle on Norris Lake, it simply doesn’t get any better than this.

Sunset Bay

Sunset Bay Community Map – Click to enlarge



Originally called Clinch River until its name was changed in 1869, Sharps Chapel has earned its reputation as on of Norris Lake’s most picturesque destination.  Nestled on the shores of Norris Lake, this town in not lacking for beautiful views.  However, with history and historical sites almost as bountiful as its views, Sharps Chapel is an enchanting place to visit or settle.

The town’s most well known historical site is the Bait Ousley house, listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1978.  Originally built in 1835 by Jacob Sharps, son of the American Revolutionary War hero, Henry Sharp.  The elder Sharp had originally settled in the area on a 700 acre land grant.  This house was sold to Jacob Ousley in 1874 and remained in his family for 132 years.  Remaining unoccupied for almost 30 years, this house gained the reputation as being haunted, until it was finally purchased and restored in 2006.

Even a trip to the post office in Sharps Chapel will surround you in history.  The post office building was built in 1866.  Since the day it was opened, the building has operated continuously.

You will also find the administrative office for Chuck Swan State Forest and Wildlife Management Area located here in Sharps Chapel.  This area offers 24,444 acres of rolling terrain and wildlife.  You will find picnic areas, 47 historical cemeteries and even a shooting range.  The whole community of Sunset Bay looks across Norris Lake and into Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area.